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  • ​Working with clients to understand their requirements and goals, formulating strategies based on cost, quality, time and risk parameters
  • Understanding the market, its limitations and drivers. Using real-time market intelligence to inform the procurement strategy not just for the short term but through the life of the project. Profiling suppliers to assess capability and capacity of the markets, providing the client with solutions which maximise competition and the opportunity for a successful outcome
  • Working with the client to determine the most appropriate collaborative contracting strategy based on the market’s expectations, risk allocation and incentivisation to deliver a successful outcome
  • Determining the best way to approach the market(s) to ensure best value is obtained by the client and that the right number of suppliers are invited to compete for the right scope of work
  • ​OJEU Compliant Tendering – Public and Private Sector – Best Practice
  • ​Demonstrating value through delivering programmes, savings, restructured supply chains and improving supply chain performance.

Supply Chain Management, Category Management and Supplier Relationship Management

  • Pre-procurement market engagement by profiling the requirements, analysing and understand the market and its dynamics, testing appetite, gauging capacity, understanding and building capability
  • Subject matter expertise, compliance, capacity modelling and financial analysis including mergers, acquisitions and risks
  • Sub-tier visibility and engagement, strategic analysis, critical supply chain risk and opportunity management, contract assurance
  • Geographical heat maps, critical supply chain mapping and business demographic
  • Best practice capture sharing and dissemination and supplier development
  • Ensure procurement doesn’t stop at the end of procurement and the benefits of collaborative category management are realised on an ongoing basis through effective data collection to track benefits, KPI’s and manage contracts
  • Effective Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) to build collaborative relationships to improve performance and gainshare opportunities and initiatives through effective working practices and early supplier involvement.

Commercial/ Contract Management and Contract Administration

  • Resolving contractual and commercial disputes
  • Detailed risk assessment and risk management
  • Reviewing and developing operational process flows
  • Ensuring all stakeholders understand and adhere to contractual obligations
  • Overseeing financial KPIs
  • Assessment and agreement of interim applications for payment
  • Dispute negotiations including preparation for formal proceedings
  • Negotiation and agreement of all claims and variations
  • Monthly cost value reporting, including preparation of periodic financial reports using Earned Value Analysis
  • Final account preparation and agreement between client and contractor.
  • Cost verification.

Case Studies

Case Studies